Nine sites in Sri Lanka have been identified as appropriate for geothermal power generation in a preliminary study by Professor C B Dissanayaka, director of Sri Lanka’s Institute of Fundamental Studies.

Several earth formations in a 350 km stretch from Trincomalee to Ussangoda offer ample geothermal power potential, found the study.

Encouraging results have emerged from several studies into geothermal potential at specific sites, and into its exploitation for power, carried out with assistance of specialists from Canada and Britain, said Dissanayaka. A final report is expected in mid-2012.

Sri Lanka’s Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) has a preliminary report prepared following several pilot projects conducted on the identified sites, said its chairman Keerthi Dissanayaka.

“We will continue to conduct further studies and come up with a comprehensive report on this subject which will give a clear picture on the feasibility of making geothermal power a sustainable resource for energy in Sri Lanka,” he said.

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