Utah’s first net zero community powered by solar

Living Zenith is Utah‘s first net zero community and is utilizing solar photovoltaic energy to power its facilities.

With smart tech and strategic design, these green homes generate as much energy as they use in one year. Caterpillar solar photovoltaic systems, provided by Wheeler Power Systems, a division of Wheeler Machinery Co., power these homes.
Living Zenith solar pv
The systems are designed with capacity to export surplus electricity to the local power grid and optional energy storage systems which will allow the homes to draw upon solar power even when sunlight is not available.

Constructed by Redfish Builders, each Living Zenith unit is made with high thermal barriers, an air tight exterior, efficient appliances, triple-paned windows, LED lighting and low-flow water fixtures and toilets.

Living Zenith is the outcome of a multifaceted collaboration among the Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development, Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department, Wheeler Power Systems, Portland Energy Conservation, Inc., Utah Clean Energy, University of Utah and other innovators committed to improving Utah’s air quality.

“The Living Zenith project is a further demonstration of Utah’s leadership on energy innovation, delivering solutions to advance energy efficiency, address air quality, and meet the demands of our growing population,” said Dr. Laura Nelson, the Governor’s energy advisor and executive director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development.


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