US utility plans multiple distributed energy schemes

US utility National Grid has hired flexibility management software firm AutoGrid to manage multiple demand response (DR) and distributed energy resources (DER) schemes.

The utility, which distributes power in the northeastern states of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, aims to enrol over 400 MW in the schemes within three years.

Five schemes are planned for commercial and industrial customers within the first year, including the New York Emergency DR Programme, the New York Distribution Load Relief Programme, the New York Commercial System Relief Programme, the Massachusetts Connected Solutions Programme, and the Rhode Island Connected Solutions Programme.

AutoGrid’s flexibility management software will be tasked with managing all of the schemes through a single dashboard enabling dispatch, measurement, verification and reporting. A separate interface will allow participating aggregators to manage their participation.

National Grid said it plans new schemes for the next two years, including optimizing customer-sited energy storage systems, solar power systems, EV chargers, industrial control equipment and other DER. à‚ 

The utility said the move would give it ‘yet another source of flexible capacity to balance supply and demand on the grid’.

According to AutoGrid, its software can manage all types of distributed energy, including ‘battery storage, EV chargers, thermostats, load control switches, pool pumps, water heaters, cogeneration units, backup generators and industrial demand response’.

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