US nonprofit to install solar+storage

A US nonprofit is set for 20 years of savings with a new on-site solar+storage system.

The J Walter Cameron Centre (JWCC), an incubator space for community service agencies on the island of Maui in Hawaii, is to install a 148 kW solar PV system plus 244 kWh of energy storage from distributed energy resource (DER) project developer EnSync Energy Systems.

The centre has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with EnSync, which the company said would lead to $460,000 in savings. à‚ 

The installation incorporates two subsystems: a 62 kW AC, PV-only system to directly serve the buildings’ loads and an 86 kW DC system connected to four 61 kWh li-ion batteries, which will store energy for off-peak hours and for demand charge mitigation. The batteries will be charged using 100 per cent solar power, EnSync said.

The installation will also include an energy management system and EnSync’s ‘DER Flex’ technology, which assesses external variables such as weather forecasting, served load requirements and market price signals to model energy pricing in real time.

While the project will not export power to the grid, it has the ability to do so in future, EnSync said.

Construction is planned to begin in the coming months.

JWCC provides office space across six buildings to 16 resident agencies and programme space and support resources to over 250 community groups serving 30,000 Maui residents.

“This project has been tailored to both our functional site needs and our mission of improving the Maui community,” said Cesar Gaxiola, JWCC executive director. “As we continue to expand our presence, this sustainable energy infrastructure model can be scaled up with a backup supply and a sophisticated financial package that brings significant cost savings for no money down.”

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