US military continues interest in microgrid technology

The US military has again opted for microgrid technology to power its facilities, this time at Parris Island in South Carolina.

Ameresco has won a $91.1m contract to build the project at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD).

The military has repeatedly demonstrated its preference for microgrid solutions in recent years with a number of new projects
Marine Corps Recruit Depot
The package includes a 6.7 MW of PV generation, a 3.5 MW combined heat and power facility and a 8MWh battery storage system.

Energy Storage News reports that the $91.1 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) has been put in place to fund Ameresco’s engineering, construction and operation works. The ESPC uses the electricity bill savings delivered by the system to pay down its cost. This is essentially cost-neutral for the client.

“This project will allow the site to operate in island-mode during a loss of utility connection ensuring operation of mission-critical systems,” said Nicole A. Bulgarino, senior vice president and general manager, federal solutions, Ameresco.

Emergency diesel generators will also be used in response to site electrical loads. The microgrid control system will monitor the health of the utility connection and, when a utility disturbance is sensed, safely disconnect the site while matching load to available onsite generation through fast load shedding.

It will also maximise savings and lengthen the system’s lifespan by optimising the operations and maintenance of the microgrid across the 121 buildings on the site.

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