US firm launches hybrid PV-solar thermal generator

A US-based firm has announced the launch of a portable hybrid solar PV-solar thermal generator.

PowerPanel’s Gen-2-O model includes two or four solar PVT-1 modules, which provide both photovoltaic and solar thermal energy.

The system provides peak generation of 230 We and 1270 Wth, plus 1 kWh of battery energy storage. à‚ 

A 200-litre thermal storage tank and a 12 V DC charge controller are included. A 12 V centrifugal pump provides a flow of hot water on demand, while an optional potable water pump can be installed.

According to PowerPanel, the cooling effect of the thermal element in the module means the PV panel performs more efficiently, with the company claiming up to 80 per cent efficiency.

The system is recommended for use in off-grid residential, industrial, military and humanitarian installations, the firm said.à‚ 

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