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UK energy secretary slams ‘armchair engineers’ who rubbish renewables

UK energy secretary Chris Huhne today attacked the ࢀœunholy alliance of climate sceptics and armchair engineersࢀ that he said are ࢀœselling Britainࢀ™s ingenuity shortࢀ by rubbishing the countryࢀ™s renewable energy targets.

Speaking at a conference in Manchester hosted by trade body RenewableUK, Huhne said it was time to ࢀœretire the mythsࢀ that renewables are too expensive, cannot deliver at scale and are unreliable and uneconomic.

He said that currently 10 GW of the UKࢀ™s electricity was generated by renewables and added that opinion polls showed strong backing for solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass projects.

He said the ࢀœsharp reality of green growthࢀ was demonstrated by figures which showed that last year 4,500 new jobs were created in ࢀœthe low-carbon sectorࢀ.

Huhne also said shale gas should not be seen as ࢀœour saviourࢀ ahead of renewables. ࢀœWe donࢀ™t yet know the full extent of shale gas here ࢀ“ how economically or environmentally viable it will be to extract or by when. At best it is years away. Shale gas may be significant. It is exciting. But we do not yet know enough to bet the farm on it.ࢀ