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Boris accused of solar ‘blind spot’ over green recovery

The UK government has a ‘blind spot’ regarding the further development of solar in the country, according to the industry’s British trade association.

Boris Johnson today unveiled his ten-point strategy for what he has dubbed a Green Industrial Revolution, and it included detail on the development of offshore wind, hydrogen, electric vehicles and heat pumps.

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Absent was any mention of solar. “It is disappointing that Number 10 has yet to grasp the opportunity presented by solar in the UK,” said Chris Hewett, chief executive of the Solar Trade Association (STA).

He said that not only is solar “set to be the cheapest power source for years to come, it also provides good jobs and business opportunities up and down the country”.

And he warned that “while the Prime Minister might have a blind spot for solar, decisions in the market are likely to outpace his thinking”.

“Today the City of London signed a 15-year deal to fund a new solar park [a PPA with developer Voltalia which will see a 50MW solar park built in Dorset to supply the City], residential solar installations have already bounced back to pre-pandemic levels, all major utilities are expanding their solar ambitions, and costs continue to fall.

“Delivering net-zero is now as much about economics as it is policy.”

He added that the UK has more than 3GW of projects in the pipeline for development and called on the government to pledge to tripling today’s capacity to 40GW by 2030.

UK accused of solar ‘blind spot’ over green recovery

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