Turkey to get 23 MW solar plant

A 23.6 MWà‚ solar plantà‚ is to be built inà‚ Turkey.

The plant in Hilvan,à‚ Sanliurfa , will be built by Hilvan Enerji with 87,630 modules from Chinese solar panel provider Upsolar.

It is expected to generate approximately 40 GWh and provide enough electricity to power around 17,500 homes.

“This project paints a bright future forà‚ Turkey and the Middle Eastà‚ as both regions continueà‚ toà‚ ramp-upà‚ their solar energyà‚ capacity,” said Ioannis Markatatos, Turkey and Middle East Director of Upsolar Group.

He added he was “confident and optimistic about our outlook in the region as we continue our expansion into the Middle East and we see this as a sign of more things to come”.

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