Toshiba has announced that it will enter Germany’s solar market in March 2014 with an on-site consumption model for solar power that will operate outside the country’s feed-in tariff scheme.  

Solar photovoltaic systems totaling 3 MW will initially be installed to serve 750 apartments in two towns in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The project will be funded and owned by a group of pension funds, from which Toshiba will buy the generated power and sell it to the residents of the apartment buildings at a lower rate than what the local utilities charge.

On cloudy days and at night, Toshiba will buy electricity in the wholesale market and sell it to the residents at the home system rate.

Future iterations of the solar system will include batteries for energy storage and an integrated micro-energy management system.

Under this model, Toshiba aims to install more than 100 MW of on-site solar PV in Germany by 2016.

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