Tanzania solar microgrid comes online

A solar microgrid serving a remote Tanzanian village is online this week.

The 50 kW project in Mpale Village in Korogwe District has brought electricity to the village and surrounding area for the first time.

An initiative of the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) in collaboration with solar and micro-hydro power project developer Ensol Tanzania Ltd, the project was launched in September.

Ensol has already connected at least 50 households to the microgrid, with plans to connect 250 more by June 2018.

Mpale Village has 730 households and 3000 residents, who previously used kerosene for lighting. à‚ 

Prosper Magali, manager of the Mpale project, said: “We are using this project as a learning ground. Our goal is to establish 15 more projects like this within the next five years.

“We have visited the southern highlands to find other villages suitable for developing a solar power project. We have entered agreements with the local governments to bring them solar power ” and we hope to connect about ten thousand households.

“There are many villages like Mpale that need power, so the opportunities for solar power are huge!”

Image credit: UNCDF Local Finance Initiative, via Twitter

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