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Taiwanese firms launch off-grid energy system in US

An off-grid system powered by a 5 kW thin-film solar panel that has been developed by Taiwanese companies is set to be installed in New Jersey, USA.

Designed by the Green Trade Project Office, the Eco-Power Station (EPS) also features a 5 kW lithium-ion battery system. It has been created out of a standard shipping container and will serve as an electric-bicycle charging station.

The entire rooftop area of the station is covered with GEAC’s thin-film solar panels, with any excess electricity then stored in the station’s batteries from TD HiTech and Ecolohas Energy Tech. In addition, the station has also installed M-Field’s hydrogen fuel cell to provide backup power.

Finally, a solar pillar from SunValue enables cell phones to be charged with the power generated by the pillar’s bricks. The EPS is scheduled to be shipped to Liberty State Park, New Jersey, in March 2016.