Sungevity targets German residential solar

Solar panels on house

Online solar sales company Sungevity is moving into Germany aided by its relationship with European utility E.ON.

Greentech media reports that E.ON was an investor in Sungevity’s $70 million funding round last year, along with Jetstream Ventures and GE Ventures. Sungevity has raised more than $200 million in VC and project financing from investors.
Solar panels on house
Sungevity claims it can quickly deliver a firm price quote for residential solar rooftop systems without having to pay a visit to the site. The company aims to own the customer experience from sale though installation and operations and maintenance.

The E.ON connection connects both utility clients and potential solar customers to the Sungevity sales funnel, where it can deliver co-branded quotes. As in the U.S., Sungevity will continue with its model of using “quality-assured installers” rather than opting to vertically integrate.

Installing residential solar in Germany is cheaper than in the US, and the typical installation there is about half the size of the average American system. So the typical solar rooftop costs less — and customers in Germany tend to pay in cash.

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