South African school goes off-grid through solar

The Palm Ridge primary school in Gauteng, South Africa is set to deploy on-site solar power from the beginning of next month.

South Africa‘s mobile solar energy provider Ugesi Gold has partnered with EnergyNet to provide the school Power Turtle solarwith solar kits.

The company will inaugurate its mobile solar power station, dubbed PowerTurtle, on March 6th.

The pilot boasts 16x 300 W solar PV panels (4.8kW) the latest Freedom Lite lithium batteries and ࢀ¦8.5kW Schneider solar technology,” the company stated.

“The unique PowaPod design allows a series of solar panels to unfold from the confines of a secure 6 metre shipping container, and back again at night.”

“With this extra security the panels are set to outlast the harsh realities that off-grid schools face. By launching the PowerTurtle in Palm Ridge we hope to show the potential of not only secure electricity for the school but an energy solution for the whole community.”

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