Solo Energy hires former Tesla Energy boss

UK company Solo Energy has hired ex-Tesla boss Ben Hill as commercial and technical advisor.

Ben Hill founded and ran Tesla Energy across the EMEA region. At Solo Energy he will work towards making solar and windpower more viable through virtual power plants.

Solo Energy wants to see a 100 per cent-renewable energy future powered by a distributed battery-based energy storage network. It has developed a technology called FlexiGrid, a cloud-based aggregation platform that the company says “turns intermittent renewable generation into a smart, stable energy system”.

It does this by using energy storage assets such as batteries and electric vehicles to store excess renewable energy and deploy them when needed via a blockchain-based peer-to-peer trading system.

Hill said Solo Energy has “a strong vision for the future and its peer to peer trading concept using the latest blockchain technology is cutting edge”.

“In helping Solo Energy bring its business model to reality, I’m fulfilling my own ambitions to push forward the sustainable and renewable energy revolution. By making reliable low carbon, low cost, sustainable energy accessible to homes across the UK and Europe, we believe we will change the face of energy generation forever.”

Solo Energy installs small-scale batteries and electric vehicle-to-grid technology in homes and offices and combines them into virtual power plants which can to be intelligently switched on to supply electricity when demand exceeds generating capacity.

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