Solar nanogrids come online in Kenya

Two solar-powered nanogrids in Kenya came online this week as part of a $30 million programme which aims to bring decentralized solar power to 450,000 people. à‚ 

The solar nanogrid (SONG) initiative is being developed by power firm Intasave Energy, part of the Intasave-Caribsave Group, a NGO.

Each of the two solar nanogrids in the Kenyan villages of Lemolo B and Echareria consists of a 3 kWp-5 kWp inverterless solar hub and local network, supplying power to around 60 households.

The nanogrids were installed over the past two weeks, Intasave said.

Initial support for the scheme included $600,000 in R&D funds from the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council and the Department for International Development. In addition, the two installations in Kenya were supported through $100,000 in crowdfunding.

Intasave aims to raise another $30 million through a global impact investment initiative and a Green/Climate Bond programme, with the eventual goal of installing solar nanogrids in around 1500 communities in Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique over the next two years.à‚ 

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