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Smart grid tech tested to balance Swedish solar, wind and battery system

E.ON has implemented a solar, wind and battery storage microgrid for a Swedish village.

The southern village of Simris, which features 140 households, now gets its power from 500 kW of wind power, 440 kW of solar PV panels and an 800 kW battery.

According to E.ON, supplying the village entirely through variable renewable sources raised challenges in balancing its power supply. The company said its customers are encouraged to become prosumers through residential PV+battery systems; they will also become ‘smart consumers’ by having steerable load assets such as heat pumps.

The system is able to cut power peaks, and can be reconnected to the regional grid at any time, E.ON added.

The Simris system is part of the EU’s InterFlex project, which includes 20 project partners and six new grid projects in Europe. The project aims to test multiple smart grid technologies to resolve grid constraints and facilitate the growth of renewables. It began in January and is planned to run for three years.

“This exciting project shows a possible development for the evolution of smart grids,” said Leonhard Birnbaum, a member of E.ON’s Board. “With the right technical equipment and intelligent solutions, at Simris we can now demonstrate a decentralized, renewable but also comfortable future of energy even today.”