Organic on-site solar photovoltaic facade
Organic on-site solar photovoltaic facade

vTrium Energy is to implement the Asia’s largest Building Integrated Organic Photovoltaic (BIOPV) project across three different parts of Jurong Town Corporation’s (JTC) buildings in Cleantech Park 1 and 2 and the Seletar Aerospace walkway in Singapore, according to the company.

The project will see some 226m² of area covered with organic solar photovoltaic films from Heliatek, with a combined power of more than 12 kWp.

This project is funded and supported by Jurong Town Corporation and the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board, Singapore (SPRING).  Several versions of the film will be used, including in different colours.

‘For Singapore, this project is an important milestone on its path towards a sustainable city development,’ said Vijay Sirse, CEO of vTrium Energy.

The implementation will start in May 2015 and the project will run for at least 18 months.