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Sharp Energy Solutions Europe has entered into a strategic partnership with wind project developer innoVent Planungs GmbH & Co. KG for photovoltaic projects-business.

Sharp and innoVent will work together more closely on this major future project development.

The two will develop partnership-based free-field photovoltaic project rights up through construction readiness.

Their collaboration includes “EEG”-eligible projects developed up to 10MWp.

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One particular focus is on projects involving power purchase agreements (PPA) of 100MWp and larger. As part of the collaboration, Sharp and innoVent plan to develop, implement and sell a volume of several hundred MWp.

Sharp will provide its 60-year experience in the photovoltaic business, especially in technical planning and in free-field PV system project development.

Sharp will also be responsible for project implementation and has an extensive network of investors available for the sale of the turnkey projects.

innoVent will provide its expertise in public-law project development services such as on-site communication, securing of land use rights and procurement of building land use and planning permissions.

By combining their expertise, Sharp and innoVent will ensure the rapid construction of solar pv projects.

Sharp will leverage the partnership to expand its project development capacities for large PV free-field systems in Germany.

Klaus Kiessling, manager of sales development at Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, said: “Our strategic direction envisions a massive expansion of the project business. Together with partners, we will plan, build and sell large PV projects. By working together, our partners will benefit from the advantages that we, as a module supplier, can contribute to our partnerships: direct access to production capacity and financial participation are just two examples.

“What we particularly like about our previous collaboration with innoVent is that the work is carried out rapidly and is outcome-oriented. innoVent is continuing to work successfully on projects despite the COVID-19 pandemic.”