Scotland continues energy efficiency push with à‚£9 million of funding

A new tranche of energy efficiency funding is to be made available for Scottish businesses after the Scottish government’s adoption of energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority ramps up.

Clean Energy News reports that around à‚£9 million has been awarded across 11 local authority areas under Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP) Pathfinder Fund and will be used to pay for a wide range of measures across private and council-owned commercial buildings.
Paul Wheelhouse, minister for business, innovation and energy
This will include energy saving measures in social housing; various insulation solutions in commercial buildings across the country; energy management system improvements; LED lighting upgrades in three NHS buildings in South Lanarkshire; and a trial of solar PV as a supplement to district heating at a care home in Shetland.

The total project funding announced by the Scottish government adds up to just over à‚£8.2 million, with a further à‚£900,000 of loan funding to be made available to councils for other projects.

Paul Wheelhouse, minister for business, innovation and energy, says the new funding will help Scotland reduce its emissions and meet the country’s climate change targets.

“This is part of our overall investment of over à‚£1 billion by 2021 in energy efficiency which aims to make homes and buildings warmer, improve health outcomes and create a supply chain across all of Scotland which will support around 4,000 jobs a year once the programme is fully operational.”

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