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RWE commissions Hungary solar park and Polish wind farms

RWE has commissioned the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Hungary which has been built on top of a former sludge basin.

The 16 MW plant is northeast of Budapest and comprises 72,480 solar modules with a nominal capacity of 255 watts each.

Hungary has a sunny climate which RWE says means the plant “will produce electricity from dawn to dusk on most days ” enough to supply approximately 4000 households with renewable energy”.

RWE chief executive Peter Terium said the solar park was “not just the largest in Hungary, it is also one RWE solar PV park in Hungaryof RWE’s largest”.

He said that “it will have a substantial impact on climate protection and reduce Hungary’s dependency on imports significantly” and added that “Hungary is an important core market for RWE”.

At the end of last year the installed solar energy capacity in Hungary was approximately 80 MW and the share of renewables in the country’s gross power consumption was 6.8 per cent.

RWE has also finished building two wind farms in Poland.

The company has commissioned the Opalenica wind farm in Poznan, which has seven turbines and a total capacity of 17 MW, followed by the Nowy Staw II project, which is near Gdansk and comprises 14 turbines with a total capacity of 28 MW.

The two new wind farms bring RWE’s capacity in Poland to around 240 MW.

Hans Bàƒ¼nting, chief executive of RWE Innogy, said that Poland was “one of our core markets with fantastic wind conditions and great local acceptance for renewables”.

Filip Thon, chief executive of RWE Polska, added: “Renewables are an important pillar in the future Polish energy market. Therefore, investing in wind projects, the grid infrastructure and other innovative technologies is a huge chance for RWE. Our Polish wind portfolio will enable us to deliver green power products from our own RWE wind farms to more than 250,000 Polish households.”