Research to focus on advanced BIPV windows

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), Merck and Polysolar have announced a research programme to develop advanced building integrated photovoltaic windows. The technology will enable windows of the future to not only generate their own solar power but also provide greater thermal control.

Funded by the Innovate UK scheme, the project entitled ‘Power Generating & Energy Saving Windows’ includes CPI alongside materials supplier Merck and BIPV producer Polysolar.

It aims to develop a transparent BIPV window and commercialise such a device, which will reduce building energy costs whilst offering architects greater freedom in structural design.

The system will be based on the use of Organic photovoltaic cells (OPV) which are lightweight, transparent and low-cost.

‘This presents a unique opportunity to further develop the commercial use of gray OPV modules and to drive more widespread adoption of BIPV,’ said Brian Daniels, Head of the Advanced Technologies business unit at Merck.

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