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Portugal Telecom goes solar

Portugal‘s largest telecoms provider Portugal Telecom (PT) is switching to on-site renewables to power its operations, telecoms news site TelecomPaper reports.

As part of a long-term sustainability strategy, the company has begun installing solar power systems on its mobile base stations and office buildings. à‚ 

Since the beginning of this year, PT has reportedly installed more than 100 rooftop solar panels at six mobile base stations, with an associated carbon emissions reduction of 200 tonnes and an additional 14 base stations planned to go solar in the near future.

The company has also installed more than 400 solar panels at office buildings in Lisbon and the northeastern town of Boa Hora, as well as more than 500 solar panels to power four fixed network switchboards.

PT’s data centre in the city of Covilhàƒ£, which came online in 2013, features an on-site solar farm which covers 30% of the facility’s power needs.à‚