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Philadelphia retirement village celebrates $3.2m upgrade

A US retirement home has activated its new $3.2m modernisation, a development which sees new heating, cooling and a combined heat and power system at the facility.Cathedral Village in Andorra, Philadelphia

Cathedral Village in Andorra, Philadelphia is benefiting from lighting upgrades and the replacement of six rooftop heating and cooling systems. The largest piece of new technology features the installation of a natural gas combined heat and power system.

Financial support for the upgrades came from PECO’s Smart On-Site Incentives program, a $500,000 grant from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Financing Authority and a 20-year energy services agreement with ENER-G Rudox.

ENER-G Rudox President Ryan Goodman said the new system will mean a reduced carbon footprint and saving the community money on energy bills.

Engineers from MCFA Global, project developer Blue Sky Power and contractor Ray Angelini Inc also contributed to the development.

Cathedral Village expects to save $145,000 annually in energy bills and reduce its carbon footprint by about 350 metric tonnes per year.