All news, innovation, research, policy and trends concerning the use of solar power in the renewable energy mix. Topics will include solar panels or photovoltaic PV array, solar cells, solar storage, as well as solar hybrid solutions. This section will cover solar tenders and auctions across the world, as well as commercial solar PPA or power purchase agreements.

Californians offered solar power solution by Green Mountain Energy

Where better to find an alternative to grid power and to exploit the abundance of sunshine than in energy-strapped but sun-soaked California? From today, the state's residents can have installed in a few days, a photovoltaic home solar system provided by the nation's largest and fastest growing residential provider of cleaner electricity, Green Mountain Energy Company.

BP buys solar production plant in Spain

BP has added to its renewable energy activities by acquiring the Agere Systems' semiconductor plant in Madrid as a base for a five-fold expansion of its solar photovoltaic cell manufacturing in Spain.

California to build world’s biggest solar powered community

With California under threat of ongoing power cuts, a solar electric-powered housing community to be built near Sacramento, seems like a good idea. The planned Bickford Ranch community will contain 1000 solar powered homes making it the world's largest community of single-family grid connected solar powered homes.

Solar power group seeks backers for breakthrough technology

Solarmundo, a Belgium-based group, claimed this week to have developed solar power technology capable of competing with fossil and nuclear fuels in commercial power generation. The group is now seeking financial backers to build a 50 MW power plant using the technology and to market the technology worldwide.

Shell and Siemens form joint venture in solar energy

Siemens Solar GmbH (Siemens) and Shell Renewables (Shell) announced today that they have reached agreement to work together in their solar energy businesses.

Astronauts flip switch on space station’s new solar power plant

NASA spacewalkers turned on the international space station's new solar power plant Tuesday while preparing for some impromptu maintenance in orbit.

Fortum’s Naps Systems delivers solar power to China

Naps has signed agreements on a total of 18 solar power systems to be installed in the provinces of Qinghai and Shanxi in China.

Applied Power Installs 22 kW Solar Carport For City of Colton...

Applied Power Corp. recently completed the installation of a 22 kW solar electric system for the City of Colton Electric Utility (CEU) in Colton, California.

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