On-site solar power could ease electricity costs for residents of the Indian city of Delhi, if a study by Tata Power Delhi Distribution finds that it is economically feasible.

The study, which is planned to result in a business case to be presented to the city, will look at parameters such as the policy framework, the difference between the grid tariff and solar tariff, and what would be involved in metering, among others.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution has secured around $459,000 in assistance from the US Trade and Development Agency for the project. The company will look at several potential scenarios including installing its own rooftop solar panels, buying power from on-site generators, and using third-party operators.

CEO Praveer Sinha has reportedly said his firm wants to partner with Delhi residents on the project.

Although the city’s on-site solar power potential has not yet been realised, estimates say there is space for 2557 MW of solar capacity to be installed on Delhi’s rooftops.