On-site solar proposed for Australia local government

Australia‘s Green party has proposed a new plan to authorize solar companies to install photovoltaic (PV) rooftop arrays on local government buildings.

The Shading Our Suburbs plan, announced this week, would also allow firms to build solar cark parks (pictured) and sun shade structures at community centres.

Larissa Waters, deputy leader of the Greens, said local councils ‘can offer up the roofs of ࢀ¦ libraries, swimming pool buildings and bus depots, in exchange for cheaper power bills’.

The city of Brisbane’s website said the plan could ‘power council facilities or sell power back into the grid, saving council millions to use on better services’.

And Ben Pennings, Brisbane’s Green party lord mayoral candidate, said the plan would encourage tenders for new kinds of shading structures.

‘For example, solar companies could build solar panel shade structures for car parks at council’s swimming pools to run the power-hungry pumps,’ he said, adding that ‘with solar technology, including battery storage, developing so rapidly, this is a chance to provide more local jobs in the solar industry.’

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