On-site solar for Italian vineyards

A new 50 kW solar PV installation has been commissioned at the Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy vineyards in Barbaresco, located in the Piemonte region of north-western Italy.

Developed by Enerqos plc, Owner Marquess Alberto di Grésy commented: ‘Thanks to this structure, we have brought our electricity costs right down. We have made a very good investment, and at the same time we are sending out a positive image.’

The installation, on the wooden roofs of the parking areas and the porch of the estate building, has been designed to blend in to the environment and received financial support from the Conto Energia.

‘Car-park roof-mounted solutions are a very interesting segment for photovoltaics, one which we believe will show outstanding growth’, said Giorgio Pucci, co-founder of Enerqos.

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