23 March 2010 – Mitsubishi Electric has teamed up with East West Bank to provide a 637 kW DC solar photovoltaic (PV) system to the Port of West Sacramento, California, US.
The system includes 3536 Mitsubishi Electric PV modules covering the rooftops of two rice warehouse buildings.
The solar system has been designed to meet all of the port’s electricity needs for the next 25 years and is expected to reduce the Port of West Sacramento’s energy costs by US$20,000 annually.
The construction loan and long-term financing was provided by East West Bank. The project utilizes lead-free solder solar modules from Mitsubishi Electric.
‘In addition to all of the other steps we’re taking to improve our environmental performance, this new solar installation clearly demonstrates that we’re serious about our intent to become one of the greenest ports in the country,’ said Mike Luken, Port of West Sacramento manager.