A standalone PV mini-grid installed by Gehrlicher Solar Spain is now powering a rural Spanish housing estate of nine homes.

PV panels across 150 m2 on the roof of a farm building will supply the estate’s power demand for at least 30 years, according to Gehrlicher, which will also operate the installation.

murcia pv installation

With battery support and an output of 30 kV, the 90 PV modules are installed with two STP10000TL SMA inverters and six Sunny Island 5048 inverters designed for off-grid systems.

The project in Canada Lentisco, near the town of Murcia in southeast Spain, is one of the first self-consumption projects for a residential development in Spain, said the subsidiary of Gehrlicher Solar AG.

While offering a payback period of only five years, the technology also insulates the community from hikes in grid power rates, said the firm.

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