O&M deal for Italy on-site solar

Martifer Solar has signed a new contract to supervise and provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services covering some 7 MW of roof-top mounted on-site solar.

The eight PV plants are located in the North East region of Italy, with the O&M Services being provided for the plant owning company Garnell.

Garnell, an independent advisory firm focused mainly on mergers and acquisitions, also manages large photovoltaic plants with a total installed power in excess of 20 MW.

With this new contract, Martifer Solar has approximately 175 MW under O&M service contracts in Italy.

José Maràƒ­a Guinea, O&M Director of Martifer Solar Europe, said: ‘This is very important milestone for our company, with these new contracts with such important partner as Garnell, we enhance our presence in Italy continuing in our sustainable growth in Europe’.

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