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New Jersey approves funding for town microgrid study

The US state of New Jersey’s board of public utilities has approved $150,000 in funding for a thirteenth town centreà‚ microgrid feasibility study in the state.

The latest study will determine whether a proposed microgrid would be a feasible solution for powering 13 critical facilities, such as the police and fire stations, schools, a petrol station and senior living buildings, in the town of Woodbridge.

During the study, different power technologies including fuel cells, solar PV and combined heat and power (CHP) will be considered as fuel sources for the Woodbridge Advanced Microgrid (WAM).

The local school district and housing authority have partnered with the town to submit the application for the feasibility study, along with several private companies.

The study is expected to take about a year to complete.

Under a programme designed to improve energy resiliency and emergency preparedness, the public utilities board has been directed to work with utilities and local authorities as well as the state and federal governments to implement town centre microgrids across the state.

Richard Mroz, the public utilities board president, said: “These grid independent energy sources will improve energy resiliency and reliability keeping critical services operational during blackouts.”à‚