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Nationwide distributed energy ‘storage community’ for Germany

On-site solar PV system owners in Germany are being invited to join sonnenCommunity ” a nationwide technology-enabled platform that allows members to supply excess energy to other members directly.

Launched by battery storage company Sonnenbatterie, the programme combines three technologies: decentralised power generation, advanced battery storage technology and digital networking. Control is assumed by a self-learning software platform that connects the individual members of the community.

By monitoring the production and consumption data of the members in real time, the platform balances supply and demand. Combining weather and member consumption data creates the basis for a precise prognosis for the expected production and demand within the community, the company adds.

Consisting primarily of homeowners with a photovoltaic system and sonnenBatterie storage, surplus electricity that can’t be consumed or stored is shared online with the sonnenCommunity. Its backers suggest the development makes conventional electricity suppliers obsolete.