Morocco art museum goes green with solar+storage installation

Image credit: Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI) in Morocco is set to be the first museum in Africa to go green.

The MMVI will be the first to use a solar solution with a smart energy storage and management system.

This initiative, which is aligned with Morrocan King Mohammed VI’s fight against climate change, will make the MMVI “the perfect model of harmonious alliance of art and environmental responsibility,” read a joint statement from the National Foundation of Museums (FNM) and the Institute of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN).

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The FNM, together with IRESEN and its international research platform Green Energy Park signed, in October 2020, a partnership agreement to develop an innovative model of energy production and management at the MMVI.

This model of energy transition is based on a mixed approach including the integration of renewable energy sources through the establishment of a 130kWp solar photovoltaic power plant on the roof, and a photovoltaic system integrated into the pavement, supplying power to the building, and reducing the energy bill of MMVI by 50%.

It also relies on complete automation of the supervision and management of environmental parameters (relative humidity, temperature and air quality).

A new real-time supervision system was developed, allowing automatic control of the different parameters and optimising the energy consumption of energy-intensive terminals.

This model incorporates a storage solution of 20kWh allowing better management of consumption during peak hours.

This first pilot project allows the consortium’s teams to validate the technology of the unique and innovative model. This first demonstrator paves the way for the generalisation of this model to all of the Foundation’s museums, which will be carried out jointly with the various institutional partners in the Moroccan energy sector.

It will allow the positioning of Moroccan museums as leaders in the energy transition in this sector on the African continent.

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