Limejump has reached 130 MW of managed active battery capacity, with sites including UK Power Networks’ Leighton Buzzard battery.

The demand response specialist is seeking to take on 1 GW of active battery capacity by 2022 after laying claim to managing one of the largest centrally controlled battery asset portfolios in the world at 130 MW.

The aggregator has revealed that following the recent commissioning of 20 MW of battery storage last week in Sudbury, it has now taken its portfolio under management to new heights, covering an estimated 40% of the UK’s active battery capacity across all applications.
This includes some of the most unique sites in the country, such as UKPN’s Leighton Buzzard battery, the first subsidy-free solar farm with battery storage at Clayhill, and a range of behind the meter batteries including the UK’s largest Tesla battery combined with solar PV.

The latter area of activity is considered by Limejump as the essential area of growth for the coming years, with behind-the-meter applications and SME businesses providing large growth areas. The company also explained what business models will evolve in this time.

“We think a majority of megawatts will be traded in the wholesale and also be used for balancing services, while the main revenue will be driven by National Grid looking to replace traditional generation sources with more flexible options,” a spokesperson said.

Limejump also sees a role for its battery capacity in taking advantage of high periods of renewable generation and their impact on price.

“We do see a rise in negative prices as large baseload is replaced with intermittent solar or wind and with people moving off grid in the future, but batteries will be the most efficient type for these individuals as it is far easier to turn off a battery than a large power generation type,” the company added.