JinkoSolar launches world’s largest utility-scale solar panel

Solar power
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JinkoSolar has officially launched the world’s most powerful utility solar panel ” the Tiger Pro series ” as well as a full-stack portfolio.

“We have been making steady progress since we announced our technical roadmap and high power product strategy last year,” said Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar.

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Solar power

Chen added: “Everything is moving forward according to plan, from R&D to product launch. And today we delivered on our goals, with the release of Tiger Pro series. For the first time in the industry, the panel power is bounced to 580Wp, and the average P-Type mono module efficiency upgraded to 21.6 per cent.”

JinkoSolar has disclosed the planned specs at its investor conference held in Haining China last year. After six months of ongoing development, now the Tiger Pro delivers on its performance goals.

The 72 cell version delivers max power of up to 530 Wp, whereas the 78 cell version delivers up to 580 Wp. In addition to its unrivalled generation performance, the Tiger Pro series features better temperature efficiency, lower degradation and optimised Voc.

This new series of solar panels deliver more abundant, affordable and adaptable range with a broad array of inverters and tracking systems, which are critical to make Tiger Pro development easier and its deployment more pervasive and accessible, and to ensure the best LCOE.

How Tiger Pro benefits clients

  • Dramatically reduces installation time and costs
  • Uses the least amount of land and BOS components with the highest possible IRR
  • Highly compatible with mainstream inverters and mounting system
  • Premium new warranty guarantees generation over 25 years

As the robust and vibrant ecosystem grows more important than ever, support for all scenarios is essential for enabling pervasive application.

Tiger Pro offers two design versions, 72 cell and 78 cell, both available in mono facial and bifacial, which can readily adapt to different deployment needs. Matchable inverters can be central or string type, mounting structures can be 1P, 2P tracker or fixed mounting. Tiger Pro bifacial featuring lighter weight allows EPC and installers to construct the solar farms with ease and more quickly.

Through efficiency raise, as well as co-optimization of inverter and tracking system, Tiger Pro series can more effectively lower LCOE and enhance IRR of the solar power facilities. This will result in broader solar PV adoption and will help project investors and developers do what they do best.

Originally published on ESI-Africa

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