The Indian province of Maharashtra is looking to unveil an off-grid policy, in order to relieve the burden on conventional power plants.

Minister for Energy Chandrashekhar Bawankule said, “Government wants to promote power generation through solar panels on roof tops of educational campuses and government buildings as well as cooperative societies and private buildings.”
Minister for Energy Chandrashekhar Bawankule
He said state government is also trying to promote solar power pumps for water distribution scheme in rural areas and use of solar energy at government hostels to cook food.

According to the policy, Maharashtra will set a target of five years to generate 200 MW power from roof top solar panels, install 10,000 solar pumps for small and medium water distribution scheme, generate 4,000 kilo Watt power from biogas and operate micro-grid pilot project in two villages during upcoming five years span.
It will be made mandatory for District Planning Development Council (DPDC) to reserve 3 per cent funds in order to implement the policy, Bawankule said.

Government offices, cooperative societies and apartments, hospitals and educational trusts will be eligible for a subsidy in order to facilitate the move.

“Promoting renewable sources of energy will reduce the burden on conventional power plants and it will also save energy,” the minister said.