Hybrid renewables project for French island

French renewable energy companies Sabella and Akuo Energy have signed a partnership agreement as part of the Phares multi-energy clean power project on the French island of Ouessant.

The project is being developed to consist ofà‚ tidal stream, solar, wind and energy storage elements. The partnership will also be a model for integrating renewables into a hybrid power scheme that is capable of delivering electricity to a remote or isolated network, such as an island.

The Phares project will consist of two Sabella D12 500kW tidal devices, as well as a à‚ 900kW wind turbine, 500kW of solar and 2 MWh of storage.

The project when complete, will complement existing energy projects on the island, and increase renewable energy supply to 70 per cent by 2023, when it is expected to be fully operational.

Sabella chief executive Franch Le Bris said: “Phares will see the implementation of the first tidal farm on the French coast, and confirms Akuo Energy’s confidence in innovation.”

Emerging renewable technologies will be the focus of speakers at a Knowledge Hub atà‚ POWERGEN Europeà‚ in Paris in November.à‚ Click here for details.

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