Hanergy’s solar tech breaks new conversion efficiency record

Hanergy’s Chengdu Research & Development Center has once again broken the world record for its silicon heterojunction (SHJ) technology.

The record-setting 25.11 per cent conversion efficiency (surface area 244.45 cmà‚²), has been acknowledged by the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH), with the German testing body certifying that the company has surpassed its own previous 6-inch silicon cell world record of 24.85 per cent.

Hanergy’s SHJ solar technology utilizes low-cost ITO transparent conductive films and easy-to-purchase screen-printed electrodes, reducing the cost of mass production and allowing greater freedom for market expansion. This technological breakthrough was achieved using low-cost, highly efficient, fully localized production equipment and a production process that can be directly adapted for mass production.

SHJ technology has been recognized for its excellent weather resistance, 30+ year lifespan, stable performance and high conversion efficiency.

Combined with no light decay, no potential induced attenuation (PID) and high-temperature power output, SHJ technology is an ideal solution for ground power stations, distributed power stations, vertical installations, fishery or agricultural complementary photovoltaic power stations, green-powered building and mobile energy projects.

Xu Xiaohua, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group vice president & Hetero-Junction Division CEO said, “Our SHJ technology is a source of great pride for everyone at Hanergy. Despite only 3 years developing SHJ technology, this recent breakthrough shows that our Hetero-Junction division continues to make great progress and that the field of SHJ holds great significance to our business in the large-scale photovoltaic ground power station and distributed rooftop markets.”

Hanergy’s Chengdu R&D Center was founded in 2011. Under the 8-year stewardship of co-chief technical officer Dr. Xu Xixiang and the late chief scientist Dr. Li Yuanmin, Hanergy has realized countless innovations and gained extensive experience in the field of amorphous silicon, microcrystalline silicon and transparent conductive oxide films.

The R&D team has focused on reducing the capital and time cost of SHJ technology through large-scale industrial mass production and the development of SHJ solar cells directly on production equipment.

Over the past 2 years, Hanergy’s SHJ solar cell conversion efficiency has achieved a continuous increase of 1 per cent per year.

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