Germany’s largest thin-film pitched roof system has begun operations.

Constructed by Riedel Recycling, the company uses the former coal mixing hall in Moers for the storage and preparation of building materials. Its 9500 square meter south-facing roof is now fitted with more than 11,000 Cadmium Telluride modules from American manufacturer First Solar. The system has a peak output of 837 kW.

Four Sputnik Engineering central inverters run in the system at Moers, with outputs of 300 (2x), 100 and 30 kW respectively. The inverters also produce a total of around 45 kW of waste heat which is diverted to air-conditioning systems with heat exchangers in the administration building of the site. The companies are also considering additional solar installations on the external pillars.

Managing director Ludger Riedel said: ‘The fitters required just three months despite pitches of 36.55 and 75 degrees, and heights of up to 30 metres, which were only accessible with inclined lifts and ladders.’