France has awarded 75 MW in two rooftop solar power tenders for its island territories.

The winning 109 projects will be between 100 kW and 1.5 MW and will be developed on the islands of Corsica, French Guyana, Martinique,
Guadeloupe, Mayotte or La Réunion.

One of the tenders focused on PV systems with energy storage, while the other was for PV for self-consumption without storage.

Among the winners of feed-in tariff (FiT) contracts were 67 PV projects between 100 kW and 250 kW which included energy storage. These projects will receive, on average, a FiT rate of €113.60 ($133.51)/MWh.

In this category, 22.3 MW of projects on La Reunion were awarded FiT contracts, followed by 15.6 MW on Guadeloupe, 11.1 MW on Guyana and 8.4 MW on Corsica.

In the 250 kW-1 MW range, which did not feature storage, the average FiT rate will be €34.19/MWh. In this tranche, the average amount of self-consumption will be greater than 90 per cent.

La Reunion again drew the largest award in this range, with 4.5 MW. Martinique came next with 2.7 MW, along with Corsica (2 MW) and Guadeloupe (1.7 MW).

According to France’s ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy, over half of the awarded projects were crowdfunded. For these projects, a bonus payment of €3/MWh will be made.