EV partnership to empower UK prosumers

UK energy technology company Moixa and electric vehicle charger manufacturer EO Charging have teamed to create a dedicated smart charging and home solar battery solution for consumers.

The partnership aims to create a sustainable charging solution, as well as provide benefits to EV owners, such as cost cutting, reduced carbon footprint, and greater control of energy bills.à‚ à‚ 

The solar, storage and smart charging package will limit the impact of EV charging on energy bills by utilising Moixa’s GridShare software. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system will manage the Moixa Smart Home Batteries and EO Genius EV chargers in customers’ homes.

Smart capabilities will use household data to learn energy consumption patterns and assess local weather activity to develop tailored charging plans for each home battery and EV from a customer’s solar panels or the grid, utilising time of use tariffs. This will increase consumer control over their energy bills and carbon footprint.

By using AI to predict network peaks and the higher energy costs associated with increased demand, GridShare smart-ready system instructs EO’s hardware to shift charging to times of lower demand, thus minimising energy bills and reducing strain on the grid.

Chris Wright, chief technology officer at Moixa, said: “Avoiding charging at expensive peak times can provide significant cost and carbon savings for EV drivers. However, many of us simply don’t have the time to manage this. That’s why we developed this AI-driven GridShare software that can control the EV Charger, in this case EO Genius, alongside solar panels and battery to let EV owners achieve maximum benefits with minimal effort.”

Richard Earl, chief technology officer at EO Charging, said: “We believe electric vehicles make most sense when powered by clean, renewable energy. This partnership with Moixa is the next step of our journey in creating smart chargers and intelligent software for the forward-thinking homeowner.”

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