Endesa has signed an agreement with the J. García Carrión Group to install 770kWp of photovoltaic solar panels at its premises in Jumilla, in Murcia.

The panels will be installed on several of the company’s roofs and will blend in with the site’s architecture.
According to the management of J. García Carrión, this type of project is a reflection of the company’s commitment to the environment, it aims to meet a ‘significant proportion of its generation needs in a sustainable manner.’

The contract also represents the first milestone in a future collaboration between the J. García Carrión Group and Endesa to promote PV in other locations in Andalusia, Catalonia, Castilla la Mancha and Rioja.
Four other projects are currently being studied which could go ahead subject to legislation and their technical viability.

Under normal conditions, investment in solar electricity generation activities can be recouped within 11 years, the company says, while solar powered plants operate at optimal levels for up to 25 years.