Encouraging results for UK-based solar photovoltaic producer

An innovative Cambridge-based developer and manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) glass, Polysolar, has applied its transparent solar panels to develop greenhouses, orangeries, car ports, balustrades, canopies, lean-to shelters and garden offices.

The Cambridge Network site reports that Polysolar’s transparent solar panels have been tested in the Solar Farm at Sheffield University for almostà‚ 18 months and have shown to produce up to 25% more electricity than conventional solar panels.

à‚ In addition, the tinted PV glass lets light through for photosynthesis while it cuts out the ultraviolet wavelengths, preventing scorching of plants and helpingà‚ toà‚ maintain a more constant temperature.

Polysolar, in addition to supplying its PV glass into the architectural construction industry has now launched a range of domestic greenhouses, carports and shelter solutions that enable householders to benefit from the multiple functions and cost savings of BIPV.

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