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EDF in partnership to deliver off-grid power in Ghana

EDF and African start-up Off Grid Electric have formed a joint venture named Zegha to supply the Ghana market with off-grid solar-power systems, the French company said Friday.

Reuters reports that the pair oversee the installation and maintenance of solar-power kits for homes in Ghana’s rural areas and on the outskirts of towns.
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Zegha is aiming for a Ghana market share of between 20% and 25% by 2022, the utility company said. It added that it expects to create 1,000 local jobs with the joint venture.

EDF said the power kits will comprise solar panels and batteries for storing electricity, as well as energy-efficient appliances such as radios, TVs and mobile-phone chargers.

“Off-grid power is becoming a strong contributor to the expansion of our business and fits perfectly into our CAP2030 strategy, which aims to triple the EDF Group’s international business outside of Europe by year 2030,” Marianne Laigneau, EDF’s senior executive vice-president in charge of the international division, said.

Last year, EDF and Off Grid Electric started selling off-grid solar kits in Ivory Coast through joint venture Zeci, the company said.à‚