EcoEnergy, a leading affordable solar energy provider in Pakistan, has acquired the customer portfolio of Brighterlite Pakistan.

The deal, which marks the consolidation of the two largest off-grid pay-go solar companies in Pakistan, will enable EcoEnergy to expand its reach and speed up its roll out of reliable energy services to rural communities in the country.
The agreement was reached amicably as both parties are committed to enabling energy access across Pakistan.

At present, 65 million people in Pakistan live off the national energy grid. Providing access to reliable electricity for them will greatly improve their quality of life and help spur economic development.

Both companies have worked to ensure that customers that have been served by Brighterlite Pakistan will continue to receive the same excellent services and support.

Since the two companies have targeted slightly different markets – with Brighterlite Pakistan producing smaller 12W – 40 W products, compared to EcoEnergy’s 50W and 100W BBOXX systems – EcoEnergy has the opportunity to upgrade customers to more powerful systems as their energy needs grow.

Shazia Khan, Chief Executive Officer, EcoEnergy, said: “Acquiring Brighterlite Pakistan’s customer base has allowed us to triple our total number of customers and it makes EcoEnergy the market leader in off-grid pay-go solar in Pakistan.

“In addition, it provides us with the opportunity to analyse new customer insight data, a crucial component to understand how we can best serve the needs of new and current customers, and how to execute our scaling strategy most effectively.

“Brighterlite Pakistan has provided us with a great deal of support with managing the transition. We are working with them to determine which elements of both of our models can be combined to work best in reaching the many people in Pakistan who do not have access to reliable electricity.”

 Haakon Valstad, Chief Executive Officer, Brighterlite Pakistan, added: “Brighterlite Pakistan has worked incredibly hard to establish its foothold in Pakistan and to grow a customer base from scratch. It takes time to build market for a new technology like solar, and we have trained large rural populations in how to use solar energy. Our customers have also become able to see themselves how reliable good solar equipment can be.

 “As the market continues to mature, we are very glad to see a Pakistan-based company like EcoEnergy take over our pay-go customer base as we are confident that it will continue to provide them with a first-class service.”

The deal follows a US$200k investment into EcoEnergy by BBOXX, a next generation utility company, to scale up EcoEnergy’s business and deliver off-grid energy to thousands of people in Pakistan. BBOXX designs, produces and distributes smart solar home systems, which coupled with EcoEnergy’s distribution network provides BBOXX with entry into the off-grid solar market in Pakistan.