E.ON and Viridian Solar are partnering to provide roof integrated solar panels to British homeowners.

The exclusive collaboration involves Viridian’s ‘Clearline’ fusion roof-integrated and other above-roof solar products, which are now available to homeowners across Britain through E.ON’s Solar and Storage team.
The roof integrated solar panels replace tiles or slates on roofs, so that they sit lower down in the roofline to look more like an intended part of the house than more traditional solar panels. Easy to install, these panels also offer exceptional wind resistance and durability.

Stuart Elmes, CEO of Viridian Solar, said: “Solar is not only a financial investment; in this new era of solar, battery storage and electric vehicles, people also see solar as a home improvement and a lifestyle choice. Roof integrated solar with its better kerb appeal, and falling cost differentials with rack mounted solar is becoming ever more popular for retrofit as well as for new build applications. We’re pleased to have been selected by E.ON as their in-roof partner and look forward to working alongside them to give their customers great looking solar.”

Anyone who owns their own home can have E.ON Solar and Storage installed, not just people supplied by E.ON. Homeowners can visit eonsolar.co.uk to enter details about their home, and use E.ON’s calculator to work out how much E.ON Solar and Storage could cost and what they could save and earn from it.

Once they have registered their interest, homeowners can book an appointment and an E.ON Solar and Storage advisor will visit their home at a mutually agreed date and time to carry out a free suitability survey in order to ensure solar PV and battery is the right solution for them and their home.