E.ON and Google’s successful rooftop solar partnership, in the guise of the Sunroof platform, is set for further European progress when it debuts in the UK and Italy in the coming weeks.

Since May 2017, the joint Sunroof platform, which determines the solar potential of millions of buildings, has been bringing new solar energy systems onto German roofs.
E.ON and Google
Over the coming weeks, Sunroof is being made available to homeowners in Great Britain. At the same time, E.ON and Google are preparing the market launch in Italy. As in Germany, E.ON will be the first energy company in Britain and Italy to offer its customers a digital assessment of the PV potential of their homes – simple, free of charge and personally tailored.

In Germany the website www.eon-solar.de has established itself as the first address for interested parties who want to take their power supply into their own hands. Well over 10,000 customers have requested a detailed initial analysis of their roof’s solar potential. Sunroof is thus making a significant contribution to EON’s strong annual revenues growth of 150 percent in its solar business.

EON’s goal is to become Germany’s market leader in photovoltaics in 2019 the latest.

For your assessment, all you have to do is enter your address online. Based on a few additional parameters, the construction of a solar energy system can be planned. Sunroof’s websites combine technologies such as Google Earth and Google Maps, 3D models and machine learning, ie automated software improvement, to provide an accurate estimate of a home’s individual solar potential.

Sunroof calculates how much sunlight falls on each roof during the year. It takes into account weather data, the position of the sun at different seasons, the area and inclination of the roof as well as the shade of surrounding buildings or trees.

In the end, Sunroof ‘translates’ the determined amount of light into energy and the potential cost savings. The data are calculated by the software company tetraeder as an additional Partner in the sunroof project.

Based on this data, Steelguru online reports that customers in Germany can request a complete package consisting of a photovoltaic module and the E.ON SolarCloud, optionally with Aura battery storage.

In addition, E.ON provides a ‘sunshine guarantee’ to ensure that the solar system achieves the calculated yields. The company compensates for lower values financially.