Dubai’s largest distributed solar industrial rooftop-system in progress

Independent solar photovoltaic monitoring systems specialist, Meteocontrol GmbH, is partnering with Phanes Group to deliver Phase I of Dubai’s largest distributed solar industrial rooftop project for the international port operator DP World.

Along with Phanes and its asset construction company Oryx Solar System Solutions, Meteocontrol is implementing complex photovoltaic rooftop systems with a total installed volume of 25.8 MWp. The company designed the customized monitoring platform for these rooftop solar systems.
Meteocontrol solar rooftop
The DP World’s Solar Power Programme represents the largest solar rooftop-system project in the Middle East to date.

During the first phase of the project 88,000 photovoltaic modules are being installed and will produce energy that equals the power supply to 3,000 households. The total installed output power amounts to 25.8 MWp. With its solar program, DP World is making a significant contribution to the planned expansion of clean energy production in Dubai, operating under the “Shams Dubai” initiative.

“The entire system portfolio is equipped with data loggers from the blue’Log X series and the VCOM (virtual control room). Therefore, it can be easily taken stock of and professionally monitored,” explains Martin Schneider, Managing Director of Meteocontrol. The company adapted the modularly constructed monitoring system to meet system as well as country-specific requirements, put it into operation and conducted training sessions at Oryx.

“Once set up, additional solar systems can easily be integrated into the monitoring platform, allowing comprehensive surveillance at a glance. This reduces the amount of time and efforts associated with operation management,” says Dr. Rainer Gegenwart, Managing Director for Projects, Phanes Group. “So far everything has been running according to plan. The collaboration with Meteocontrol is very efficient, as it has been in operation and monitoring of other utility scale PV systems”.


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