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Croatia ends solar PV support

Solar photovoltaic energy investors in Croatia are rushing to install their projects before their licenses expire, after the country’s energy market operator ruled that it will not provide new licenses in 2015 for solar projects.

However the Balkan nation will continue to purchase electricity from cogeneration plants.
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International and domestic investors holding licenses for solar PV installations in Croatia are currently rushing to build them before they expire after Croatia’s Energy Market Operator (HROTE) announced that in 2015 it will not continue to enter into power purchase agreements (PPAs) under the country’s feed-in tariff (FIT) system for solar and wind power plants.

PV magazine reports that HROTE confirmed that quotas for solar energy were achieved, so HROTE will reject all subsequently submitted applications for contracts for buying energy from solar power plants.

In contrast, the regulator said it will continue in 2015 to purchase electricity from biomass, biogas and cogeneration renewable energy plants.